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Cars For Sale.

All cars are fully inspected by our qualified automotive engineers with over 50 years classic car knowledge prior to being offered for sale so that you can purchase with complete confidence.


Viewing by appointment only.

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Triumph Stag S2 (Auto): Photographic Restoration


Designed by Michelotti as a luxury sports car, the Stag was enthusiastically received when launched in 1970.  The Italian styling, V8 engine/performance and Triumph brand should have guaranteed success but a rushed implementation led to the car quickly gaining a poor reputation. 


Post-production solutions to this lack of development have been identified & applied and today the Stag is recognised as a stylish classic with values rising quickly over recent years.


Our car, finished in the stunning combination of Tahiti Blue with oatmeal interior, was dispatched from the factory on 26th January 1977 to Lankasters Limited, Kingston-on-Thames making this a later Series 2 example.


The car was the subject of a complete photographic restoration by a garage owner around 2010.  Any corrosion found was replaced by new metal and replacement panels fitted as required.  Mechanically all components were checked and replaced as necessary – this included a reconditioned engine.  In addition, the car was treated to a new hood and replacement interior.  The car still looks stunning today - the true test of any restoration.


Since the restoration the car has been cosseted by a member of the Classic & Historic Motor Club + two Milestone customers and has only been used for shows covering around 2,000 miles.  We have sold the Stag on two previous occasions and the car has come back came to us this time from a regular customer (who loved the car) in part-exchange for another classic


On the road the Stag is an absolute pleasure to drive.  Power steering, automatic gearbox, servo assisted brakes and the original Triumph V8 provides an utterly addictive soundtrack – there is nothing not to like!


Ready to be used and enjoyed, this Stag will provide lots of happy memories to the lucky new owners.  

PRICE: £22995

Triumph GT6 Mk 2 – Overdrive/Restored/Superb


Triumph introduced the GT6 in 1966 based on the Giovanni Michelotti fastback design used by the factory Triumph Spitfire racing team at the Le Mans 24-hour race. Initially the design was based on the four-cylinder Spitfire engine, but performance was disappointing and the design team’s solution was stunningly simple – they fitted the Triumph 2000/Vitesse engine into a Spitfire chassis and the rest, as they say, is history.


The GT was widely acknowledged as a stunning car with performance to match the looks with a glorious 6-pot soundtrack.  However, it became clear that while wonderful on straight roads, corners could be entertaining.  The Mk2 introduced in 1969 featured a heavily modified rear suspension while retaining the original styling and today the Mk2 is widely regarded as the GT6 of choice.     


At Milestones we really like GT6’s but struggle to find examples that meet our customers' standards and were delighted when this car was offered to us by a local enthusiast.


The Saffron Yellow Mk2 example was the subject of an earlier body, mechanical and interior restoration at the highly respected Sherwood Restorations around 30 years ago and the car still looks absolutely stunning today with exceptional paint & panel fit – the true test of any restoration.


More recently the car formed part of the Anthony Hamilton Collection and was purchased around three years ago by the last owner who was looking for an exceptional overdrive GT6 with a preference for a Mk2 that combines improved handling with the classic Mk1 styling.


There is a large history file with a old V5’s,  MOT’s  and invoices back to the 1980’s and evidence of recent expenditure on servicing including brakes and a new fuel pump at the local classic car garage


On the road the car does not disappoint.  She starts instantly and drives well with none of the usual GT6/Spitfire rattles & shakes.  The overdrive gearbox operates smoothly and the car copes easily with modern road conditions.


The pictures speak for the car - the rarest of all GT6's and one of the best you could hope to find.


Ready to be used for a blast around Ireland, some spirited driving on the A272 to the Goodwood Revival or simply a trip to the local pub this car really does need to be viewed and driven to be fully appreciated.

PRICE: £17995

TR6: UK Car/US Spec – Fascinating Story/Restored


The TR6 was introduced in January 1969 using similar chassis and running gear to the TR5/TR250 but with a restyled body by Karmann.  The “Kamm Tail” square body lines and wider wheels made the new car look aggressive and very purposeful while driving could be an “on the edge” experience.  Today the TR6 arguably represents the final incarnation of the classic British sportscar and provides one of the most engaging driving experiences you could wish for.


At Milestones Classics we drive thousands of miles looking for excellent cars that can be used and enjoyed – this TR6 fits that description perfectly.


Our home market TR6 was originally supplied to J. Mansbridge Ltd (Lincoln) on 4th July 1974.  The car was purchased by Mr. P. A. Gill, an American pilot based at Mildenhall who clearly loved the car so much that he took her back to Jacksonville, Florida in 1980.  There is extensive paperwork from this period as he went through the lengthy process of importing/registering the car for use in America.  This included the retrofit of a ‘CF’ carburettor engine in order to meet US importation requirements.


A new US Certificate of Title was issued in 2017 when the car was shipped back to the UK by the highly respected Kop Hill Classics and restored/recommissioned in-house by their team.


Work included:


·       Full respray in original colour including engine bay/interior

·       All drivetrain out and checked.

·       Engine out and new bottom end, pistons, headwork & fast road cam

·       Electronic Ignition and Distributor

·       Brakes & Suspension – Replacement Gaz Dampers, Bushes & Joints

·       Stainless steel exhaust

·       New fuel tank

·       High quality interior re-trim in black with red piping (John Skinner)

·       New veneers

·       New hood & refurbished frame


There is a large history file containing a heritage certificate, lots of correspondence from the 1980's when the car was imported into Florida, information on the restoration, recent MOT’s, lots of invoices and some lovely period pictures from the car's time in America.


The TR looks absolutely stunning in Carmine Red with the new interior.  On the road she drives very nicely delivering the TR driving experience with an utterly addictive soundtrack - you simply cannot help smiling!  


Equally at home on a long-distance road trip around Ireland, Goodwood Revival or simply a runout on a summer evening we recommend early viewing

PRICE: £17995

Standard 12 Deluxe – Restored/Drives Very Well


At Milestone Classics we like to keep at least one pre-war car in stock for our discerning customers and simply could not resist the charm and condition of this remarkable Standard 12 Deluxe originally manufactured in 1935.


The previous owner liberated the car after an extended period in storage.  She went through an expensive/extensive photographic restoration around 20 years ago and is still in remarkable condition today.  All corrosion was removed, suspect timber replaced, and the car was professional respray in a stunning blue/white combination with extensive re-chroming that still presents very nicely today.


Work since restoration has included:


·             2010 - Headlining

·             2011 - Engine overhaul - pressure test, engine mounts & gasket set

·             2013 - Brake overhaul

·             2014 - Rear spring boosters and steering overhaul

·             2021 – Gearbox rebuild


The previous owner wisely retained the original leather seats & dashboard, sitting into the car is like stepping back in time.  The ‘12’ has a remarkably generous interior that accommodates four people easily - the rear passengers even enjoy the benefit of fold down picnic tables!


On the road the car is a genuine pleasure to drive.  We sold the Standard to the previous owner – a time served engineer – three years ago and the engine starts easily/runs smoothly with no smoke, the gear change is excellent and brakes cope well with modern driving conditions.  


The history file contains MOT’s from 2000, original Instruction Book and a photograph album with pictures of the restoration.


This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of motoring history that is far more usable than an Austin 7/Morris 8.  I am over 6ft and the '12' fits me easily and is very easy to drive.


Perfect for classic car shows, Goodwood Revival, film work (where the Standard would earn a steady income) we recommend early viewing in order to fully appreciate this remarkable classic.


Wolseley Six (Landcrab): Manual Box/Power Steering

The ADO17 was the model code name used by BMC for a range of large family cars manufactured between 1964 and 1975.  The car was originally sold as the Austin 1800, but Morris and Wolseley models followed, later designated as the Austin/Morris 2200 and the upmarket Wolseley Six. 


The ADO17 was voted European Car of the Year for 1965 and the contemporary Wolseley sales brochure does not hold back.  British Leyland marketing (never shy) advises that the Wolseley’s elegance comes from “having the right background” & “keeping good company” while the fast life “begins with the Wolseley Six”.  Happy days indeed.


Our example was sold new by Saville Motors, Stratford Road Solihull to Mr V L R Dugdale of Camberley, Surrey on 17th August 1973 and the ‘6’ had factory power steering and an automatic gearbox - later replaced with a manual box and gaining a glass sunroof.


At Milestone Classics we do like finding classic cars that can be used & enjoyed immediately and our Wolseley Six is one of the straightest cars that you could wish to find.  The car was parked up in 1994 by the then owner and purchased in November 2018 in an executor’s sale after 24 years under a dust cover.  


The new owner lavished around £9,000 recommissioning the Wolseley and respraying the car in original Demask Red.  The body is very sound with good panel fit and the Red Velour interior is super comfortable and very British Leyland.


On the road the 6-cylinder engine does not disappoint, is remarkably capable and a real pleasure to drive comfortably coping with modern road conditions.


With just six owners in fifty years the history file contains old MOTs back to 1978, invoices, V5’s etc and an original Sales Brochure.


The Wolseley Six is one of the rarest BMC models from this era of motoring delivering a level of luxury and performance superior to other BMC offerings of the period.   


Ready to use and enjoy this is a perfect entry level classic and we expect her to find an appreciative new home very quickly. 

PRICE: £8995

MG Midget MkIII – Restored/Recent Engine Rebuild

The MG Midget Mk III was introduced in 1966.  Improved performance (the A-series engine capacity was increased to 1275cc) and refined interior (including a folding hood mechanism) made the model the perfect entry level sports car for a new generation of appreciative young drivers who wanted affordable performance


Milestone Classics are delighted to market one of the prettiest MG Midgets that you could wish to find.  Manufactured in 1967 (Mk III) and finished in the classic combination of Olde English White with black/white piped Interior and wire wheels/chrome bumpers/chrome side-trims.  


The Midget was restored 10 years ago by the previous long-term owner at Island Classics Restorations (Isle of Wight) and still presents very nicely today, the true test of any restoration.




Restoration - Costing over £8k with supporting photos/invoices (2014)

·       Floor Pans

·       Centre Cross Member

·       Toe Boards

·       ‘A’ Post

·       Boot Floor

·       Wiring Loom (cloth)

·       Mechanical Components - Checked/replaced as required

·       Coil/Distributor/Condenser/Leads/Rotor (2015)

·       Clutch Master/Slave Cylinders (2019)

·       Inertia Seat Belts (2020)

·       Brakes/Dynamo (2020)

·       Rev Counter Overhauled (2020)

·       Engine Check/Rebuild - Timing Chain/Cam Followers/Pushrods etc. (2023)


Today the car drives as good as she looks thanks to the recent engine work.


There is a nice history file going back to the mid-1990's containing lots of invoices, MOT’s, old V5’s. details (including some pictures) of the 2014 restoration - the Midget has clearly been cherished by the previous owners.


The interior of the MG is lovely with excellent seats, refurbished dashboard, carpets, and hood which has the benefit of the fold-down frame - so very easy to use.


Ready to use and enjoy, she is perfect for road trips, weekends aways, classic car shows or simply a run out to the pub on a sunny evening for a quiet drink.


We expect her to find an appreciative new home very quickly

PRICE: £9995

Caterham 7 Sprint – Anniversary Edition (6/60)

In 1973 Lotus decided to shed its kit car image and sold the rights to the ‘7’ to its only remaining agents in England, Caterham Cars.  Initially they used the remaining Lotus S4 kits but by 1974 these had been exhausted and they reverted to their own version of the S3.  The S3’s, in a number of guises, were quickly acknowledged as a truly outstanding car for both fast road/track use and today attract a loyal following, have their own competitive race series and an extremely active club.


Milestones are delighted to offer the opportunity to purchase one of the 60 Limited Edition Caterham Seven Sprint cars manufactured to celebrate 60 years of the Lotus 7 in 2017.  The cars were launched at the Goodwood Revival in September 2016 and all 60 were sold out in 7 days – Jamie and I spent time visiting the stand over that weekend and there was a real “buzz” around the car generated by the evocative appearance & soundtrack – it sounds remarkably 1960’s.


Caterham ensured that these Sprints captured the spirit of the early originals with powdered-coated grey chassis (like the Series 2), skinny wheels with chrome hub caps and suspension/rollover bar taken straight out of Colin Chapman's original sketchbook. 


Bodywork features original ‘clamshell’ flared front arches and is fully painted in period Camberwick Green.  The red, hand stitched Muirhead Scottish leather interior is stunning with Smiths instruments and a bespoke Moto-Lita steering wheel with engraved centre boss complete the interior.


Power comes from the peppy three-cylinder Turbo Suzuki engine producing 80bhp coupled to a five-speed short-shift gearbox – she makes all the right noises and delivers an utterly engaging driving experience.


The Sprint comes with a nice history file confirming 2 owners, annual servicing (factory inspection + 4 stamps) and just over 2,500 miles from new.  There are a variety of invoices. old MOT’s, leather key pouch/fobs, original literature etc.


This really is an opportunity to own a slice of automotive art that will only go up in value while delivering an utterly intoxicating driving experience.  Has to be seen and driven to be appreciate.

PRICE: £24995




MG TF – Family Owned/27k Miles


The MGF was designed as a new generation of affordable open sports car built on MG traditions and was launched in 1995 with the much-improved TF being marketed from 2002. Although up against the MX5 sales were very strong and today the TF represents a superb entry level classic.


At Milestone Classics we like to keep one or two emerging/affordable classic cars in stock and this MG TF ticks both boxes.


Our low mileage example has only been owned and driven by a local mother & daughter from new, always serviced regularly and is a very regretful sale of a much-loved car.



·       Registered September 2004

·       27,000 miles from new (Warranted)

·       Serviced regularly - Last service – 9th May 2023

·       Matching hard top with heated rear screen

·       Very original/exceptional car

·       Nice history file including handbook, MOT’s, invoices etc.


Without question the TF is a true “Abingdon” MG (mid-engine) performance. excellent road manners and an utterly engaging driving experience - it is one of the best kept secrets in the classic car world.


Today this MG looks outstanding, is ready to drive anywhere and would make an ideal everyday runabout – the hardtop makes for a snug car in winter – or simply a classic to enjoy for top-down road trips/weekends away.


We recommend early viewing and a test drive to fully appreciate this stunning and utterly engaging classic.


Austin 10 – Full Body & Mechanical Restoration

The Austin Ten was Austin's best-selling car in the 1930s and continued in production, with upgrades, until 1947. It fitted in between their "baby" Austin Seven which had been introduced in 1922 and their various Austin Twelves which had been updated in January 1931.


A big change came in December 1936 with the “streamlined” Cambridge.  There were numerous improvements resulting in improved performance and a higher level of comfort.  With a top speed of around 60mph the ’10’ was never famous for its performance but it did deliver reliable and economic transport to generations of families over the next 30 years – my father was a chimney sweep who used ours to tow a trailer around South London for work during the week and then we all jumped in at the weekend for trips to Bognor etc.  Happy days…..


At Milestones we do not see many pre-war cars but when we do spot a nice example we can’t resist.


Our car was liberated from an extended period of storage in 2008 by a member of the Austin Club.  A coachbuilder by trade, he had bought the car as his father had a similar model and he wanted to attend classic car shows with him. 


The new owner completed a two-year body-off restoration to an exceptionally high standard while his father refurbished the interior and a friend completed the mechanical work – the result, finished in royal blue/black with matching interior, is stunning.


The Austin was purchased four years ago by a local lady looking for a pre-war car and she regularly used and enjoyed the Cambridge. The car came to Milestones around two years ago in part-exchange for another classic and has now come back in part-exchange again – we do like to have our cars back.


More recent work includes:

·       Cylinder head removed/machined/hardened valve seats

·       Core Plugs replaced as required

·       New Hoses and service items (plugs etc)

·       Flywheel machined and new clutch fitted

·       Petrol tank

·       SU Carburettor

·       Chrome replaced/replated as required

·       Flashing indicators for safety

·       Starter solenoid and reconditioned starter

·       Servicing as required


The history folder contains previous V5’s, recent invoices, pictures of the restoration, literature in respect of the model etc.


Pre-war cars have remarkable charm that harks back to a bygone age and this Austin is one of the nicest/prettiest examples that we have sold.


Ready to use and enjoy at local shows, trips to the pub, film work or simply a run out with a picnic basket our lovely Austin will provide lots of happy memories for the lucky new owners.

PRICE: £7995

MG Midget MkIII: Heritage Reshell/Outstanding Example


The MG Midget Mk III was introduced in 1966.  Improved performance (the A-series engine capacity was increased to 1275cc) and refined interior (including a folding hood mechanism) made the model the perfect entry level sports car for a new generation of appreciative young drivers who wanted affordable performance.


Milestone Classics are delighted to market one of the nicest Midgets that you could wish to find.  The MG was built as a project by a previous owner, a retired engineer, who wanted to create his dream Mk III bringing together all the “best bits” from the production run.


A donor car was sourced, and a Heritage body-shell procured (current cost in excess of £12,600 in primer!).  The car was then built to recreate an earlier Mk III car with chrome side trim, chrome grill, chrome bumper/over-riders and chrome wire wheels.


Panel fit is exceptional and there are absolutely no corrosion issues – see link below to fully appreciate the level of craftsmanship that goes into a new shell.


The exterior was professionally painted in tartan red, interior finished with new black seat covers, new hood, new carpets and Moto-Lita steering wheel. 


Mechanically all components were inspected/overhauled/replaced as required.  Today the car is a real pleasure to drive with brisk acceleration, characteristic exhaust note and handling that is like stepping back in time – she simply drives like a two year old car.


There is a small history file with the car containing MOT’s/invoices since the rebuild totalling more than £7,000 including:-


·       Suspension: King Pins/Trunnion Kit/Shock Absorbers

·       Brakes: Pads/Callipers

·       Ignition - Spark Plugs/Rotor Arm/Condenser

·       Clutch Kit/Slave Cylinder

·       Fuel Pump

·       Chrome Wires/Spinners


At milestones we have gained an enviable reputation for sourcing exceptional cars and this Midget is one of the best on the market.  Available at a fraction of the build costs we recommend early viewing in order to fully appreciate this remarkable car.


Heritage body shell link:

PRICE: £12495

Volvo Amazon 121S: 2 Door/Fast Road/Power Steering


Designed and produced from the 1950’s until 1970 the “Amazon” was a rally winner and the first choice of a generation of enthusiastic motorists and safety conscious owners around the world.  Fitted with a bullet proof 1800cc four-cylinder engine they were never the fastest but had huge torque and a silky smooth 4-speed gearbox


The first car to have safety belts as standard, the Amazon was robust, reliable and could handle any terrain and huge milages if necessary.  I have owned my own personal Amazon for 20 years and commuted from Sussex to Oxford for three years without a single issue – these cars are a legend.


Milestones sold this beautifully presented Pearl White UK example around 2 years ago and we were delighted when the owner offered her back to us.  The 121 was previously owned for around 16 years by a professional engineer/Volvo specialist who maintained the car regardless of cost and upgrades during his ownership included alternator & brakes.


Around 8 years ago the car was restored as his own personal project to the highest standard and still presents extremely well today – the true test of any restoration. 


An independent engineers report in February 2021 could find no faults with the car and concluded “This is a strong driver with a good tight chassis and engine and gearbox are excellent.  A very good example, very well maintained and restored.”


When we sold the car in 2021 Milestones fitted ‘easysteer’ electric (variable) power steering that transformed the car for the new owner who regularly commuted through France.   After 12 months Simon went for an engine upgrade and spent over £3,000 on rebuilding the engine to fast-road specification.


There is a large history file with original handbook, stamped service book, photos of the restoration and old Volvo dealer invoices back to the 1980’s.


On the road she is lovely – the harder you drive the better she gets – with handling and solidarity that is hard to find in modern cars let alone a 55-year-old classic.


I have been accused of "biased marque ownership" (by Jamie), but I believe these are the ideal classic with a wonderful balance between safety, reliability, road manners and performance.  In addition, I do have an overdrive gearbox from my car that may be available by separate negotiation – not cheap but the last piece of the puzzle?


We recommend early viewing to fully appreciate this stunning car.


Mk2 (340): Man/Overdrive - PAS - Matching Numbers


The lineage of the Mk. II can be traced back to its predecessor, the 2.4 saloon from 1955, the first monocoque Jaguar from the Sir William Lyons Design Team.  Power came from the legendary XK straight six, twin cam engine and this classic sports saloon won races and support from press & public alike.


In 1967 the cars were rebadged as the 240 & 340 in a short production run prior to launch of the XJ6 in 1968.  The advertising slogan devised by the Sir William Lyons team “Grace – Space – Pace” is the very essence of Mk2 ownership and applies equally as well today as it did back in the 1960’s.  The harder you drive the Mk2 the better it gets and the nicely balanced 3.4 engine mated to the manual gearbox/overdrive makes for a superb driver's car.


The Mk2 is an iconic car but at Milestones we have always struggled to find an example that we like and were therefore delighted when a regular customer from Newcastle-upon-Tyne approached us to sell his 340.


This Jaguar was originally delivered to Henley’s (London) on the 19th December 1967 and remained with the first owner until 1970 when the car was sold by Motor Macs (Exeter) Ltd for the princely sum of £1,148 17s 6d.  


In 1989 the Mk2 found her third owner who retained the car until 1997 when she was sold through the auction house Classic & Historic – catalogue in file – and the fourth custodian owned the Mk2 for the next 23 years.


During this period the Jaguar was maintained regardless of cost.  In 2016 over £10k was spent with The Splined Hub on an engine rebuild, overdrive refurbishment, radiator re-core, remedial paint and detailing of engine bay – pictures in history folder,


Upgrades fitted include:

·       Brakes (Zeus Callipers front & rear)

·       Power Steering (Watjag Ltd) 420 front subframe & steering box.

·       Alternator conversion

·       Interior seats/carpet/wood/roof lining refurbished or replaced.


The fastidious current owner has spent more than £5,000 detailing the car to his high standard and is only selling because she is simply not used.


Mechanically the Mk2 starts on the button and drives very well – the uprated brakes and power steering make the car a delight to drive – and the straight six soundtrack is utterly addictive!


Two lever arch files house the huge history including old invoices. MOTs. history of owners, restoration invoices/photographs and literature from SNG Barrett when this very car was used by the company in their advertising material.


The Honey Beige/Light Tan interior oozes 1960’s charm and we love the Webasto sunroof – the 340 is the perfect environment for any classic enthusiast.


Without question, a car that needs to be viewed & driven in order to be fully appreciated.


MG TF – Full Restoration/5 Speed Gearbox/Stunning

The MG TF was the last in an esteemed line of T-Type Midgets and was powered by the well proven 1,250cc XPAG engine. An altogether sleeker sports car compared with the TD (its predecessor) the TF was restyled to include a shorter, sloping radiator, headlamps flared into the wings and the cockpit now had individual front seats. 


Weather equipment was taut and snug and with a top speed nudging 80mph the TF was well received by press and public alike.  Road & Track magazine wrote “Of all the cars we have had occasion to drive, there is the one above all others which, by its every characteristic, clearly defines the term sports car”.  


At Milestones we agree – the TF is simply an utterly engaging drive that will put a huge smile on your (and your passengers) face.

Our TF was the subject of a major restoration carried out between 1998/2000. 

Summary of Work:

·        Shot blasting/painting the chassis

·        Overhauling suspension & brakes

·        Panels repaired/replaced as required

·        Bare metal respray

·        Re-trimmed in red leather/vinyl

·        New hood, tonneau and side screens

·        Brightwork replaced/rechromed

·        Engine rebored/rebuilt – new pistons/bearings/reground crankshaft

·        Conrods/crankshaft/flywheel balanced

·        Replacement starter/ring gear

·        Gearbox reconditioned

·        Rewired

Milestones sold the TF around five years ago to a retired engineer and he has continued to maintain the car to an extremely high standard during his custodianship.  Most importantly he fitted a 5-speed gearbox conversion.

Today the TF is in outstanding condition and drives as good as she looks – the car is a testament to the skill, knowledge and financial commitment of the owner.  The gearbox upgrade means the car easily copes with modern road conditions and is a genuine pleasure to drive.


I would simply buy, plan road trips, turn the key, drive, polish and win prizes with this remarkable car.  We don’t believe you will find a better example on the market today



PRICE: £24995
















Calibra 2.0/16v Auto: 2 Owners/39,000mls/Stunning


The Vauxhall Calibra was very much the descendent of the Manta, both were the work of stylist Erhard Schnell. The car was an exercise in restraint, with unadorned coachwork, a long nose, elegant frameless side windows and swooping roofline that would later be echoed by the Audi TT.

A happy side-effect of this was an exceptionally low drag coefficient and the 16v option was no slouch with 145bhp/144lb.ft of torque the car was capable of 139mph and 0-62mph in around 8.5 seconds.   Today Calibra’s are a rare sight and good examples are highly prized.  Like most 1980/90’s classics values are increasing quickly as a new generation of buyers are entering the classic car market.


39,000 MIles - 1 previous owner

MOT/Service history allows us to warrant mileage.

2 owners from new.

The Book Pack is in the car/history folder with recent history.

Earlier service history

Power Steering

Electric - Windows - Sunroof - Central Locking

Colour – Northcape.  Rare

Last owner invested a lot of time/money bringing the car to his high standard.  

Paint is original and very (very) good – no dents.

Interior is excellent - new floor mats recently fitted.

New number plates (original dealer plates with car)

Brakes overhauled (new callipers/discs/pads)

New Tyres (Original spare wheel is present with original tool pack)

New exhaust

Modern JVC radio/CD (hands free) fitted.  Original with car but no code is available


The Calibra is an absolute pleasure to drive - smooth and responsive - in sports mode she gets you down the road surprisingly quickly. 


Viewing is strongly recommended.  You will look long and hard to find a better example.


Vauxhall Victor FD Estate – Stunning Example


The FD Victor was a radical departure by the Vauxhall design team from the FC and was launched at the UK Motor Show in 1967 where it was voted the "Car of the Show".  The FD came with a new engine available with 1600cc or 2000cc capacities, optional four-speed floor change gearbox, high specification interior and transatlantic "coke bottle" styling borrowed from Chevrolet that wowed press and public alike.   


Sales were strong but corrosion and poor maintenance back in the day means that few FD's have survived and the workhorse estate option is the rarest of them all.


At Milestones we are always looking for outstanding cars with good providence and sadly still get very excited when we market an exceptional car like this FD.  The Estate is well known in the owners club with just 6 previous owners including two active club members -one like it so much he has owned her twice - and we have sold the car twice previously to our decerning customers. 


Paul Alsop, an Engineer at the Motor Museum Coventry bought the car in 2005 from the original keeper, a local car close to his home. It had been dry stored for around twelve years and Paul completed an engine overhaul and a light body work restoration including the front inner and outer wings which were professionally replaced with new old stock original Vauxhall panels.


Paul completed the recommissioning/respray (cellulose) in 2006 and the car featured on the club stand at the NEC Classic Motor show that year alongside a low mileage 1968 Saloon.  Paul sold her to a fellow enthusiast based in Ireland shortly afterwards but, as often happens with exceptional cars, he bought her back in 2011.


Paul sold the car again to Jason Callear (May 2016) a leading and ex-committee member of the renowned FD Register. Jason owned the FD jointly with his dad. They bought the FD together because, his Grandad and Dad had an identical car back in the day and she has been lovingly cherished amongst other similar classic Vauxhalls from the era in there private collection.  We sold the car last year to a regular customer who has now part exchanged the Victor for another Milestones car.


Today the FD is almost certainly the best you will find and an absolute delight to drive.  


Perfect for days out with the family + picnic basket stowed in the back, Goodwood Revival or even film work where she would make a steady income - we recommend viewing in order to fully appreciate this remarkable classic.

PRICE: £10495

RV8 – UK Market/Rare BRG/Engineer Owner


The success of the Mazda MX-5 prompted Rover to re-enter the sports roadster market with the RV8 in 1992.  The 3.9 litre V8 delivered 185BHP to the rear wheels through a five-speed gearbox giving impressive performance – 0 to 60mph in under six seconds and a top speed of around 135mph.


Production was limited to approximately fifteen cars a week (the price tag was in excess of £26k) and under 2,000 were manufactured making the RV8 a rare sight on British roads.


At Milestones we like the RV8 – they are superb cars with an addictive exhaust note - and we were delighted when Robin Lackford (only 5 Star/5 Spanner MG garage in Sussex) approached Milestones and asked if we would be interested in purchasing his personal RV8 – we didn’t need to think - we said yes immediately.


The car’s history folder indicates that during the 1990’s the car was resident in Switzerland and there are service invoices from the garage in Coppin (Keller’s) who serviced the car for a number of years.


In 2006 the car was repatriated back into the UK by Oselli Engineering (Oxfordshire) who re-registered the car onto a private plate (N818 PUD) that remains on the car to this day.


After a thorough shakedown/set up for RHD roads the car was sold to a new owner in Sussex.  The RV8 was well known in the West Sussex MG Owners Club and serviced/maintained by Lackford Engineering during this period.  Around 10 years ago the car was purchased by Robin as his personal car and maintained regardless of cost in his workshop.


When the RV8 came into Milestones she was in fine fettle – as you would expect – and we decided the car simply needed to look as good as she drove.


Jamie & Paul fitted new wood-veneer dashboard & door cappings, a new mohair hood was fitted and Jamie machine polished the rare British Racing Green (Metallic) paint.  In addition, the alloy wheels and interior seats/carpets were deep cleaned/polished.  The result is one of the sharpest and best driving RV8’s that you could wish to own.

Historically the RV8 has been undervalued by the market but prices have risen sharply over the past two years.  This example benefits from excellent provenance and is one of the best you could wish to own.


We recommend early viewing and a test drive in order to fully appreciate this remarkable car.


Mercedes 190E – Low Mileage/Manual Gearbox


With £600 million spent on research and development the Mercedes 190E was an instant success story and was the car of choice in the compact executive saloon market in the late 1980’s.


At Milestone Classics we are constantly being asked to source quality later model emerging classics that can be used regularly as a “standout” everyday driver or simply kept for high day & holiday motoring while values increase. 


There are lots of Mercedes out there to choose from but very few outstanding examples, most have gone through multiple owners and covered intergalactic mileages where maintenance, care & attention has been in short supply.


Our lovely example of the incredibly popular 190 (1.8) is offered in Artic White with grey interior and has covered 75k miles from new, just run-in for a 190E. 


Originally registered on 24th September 1991 the car still retains her original book pack and was owned for many years by the first owner in North London.  Around 10 years ago a car enthusiast was looking for an ideal present for his son’s 21st birthday and the 190E fitted perfectly.  She has covered just 3,000 miles since and spent most of her time under a dust sheet in his dad’s garage.


On the road the Mercedes does not disappoint.  She drives like a two-year-old car and propels you along with the minimum of fuss/maximum of comfort and we like the rare five-speed manual gearbox.  The interior is like stepping back in time and all controls work exactly as you would expect.


At Milestones we (sadly) still get excited at finding original Mercedes as good as this.  Perfect for the enthusiast seeking a ‘last of the line’ comfortable, practical, understated, quality Mercedes saloon that is economical to run and equally at home on the daily commute, school run or long-distance road trip.


We recommend early viewing in order to fully appreciate this stunning automobile.

PRICE: £6995

TR6 (CP Engine) – Restored/Outstanding


The TR6 was introduced in January 1969 using similar chassis and running gear to the TR5/TR250 but with a restyled body by Karmann.  The “Kamm Tail” square body lines and wider wheels made the new car look aggressive and very purposeful while driving could be an “on the edge” experience. 


Today the TR6 arguably represents the final incarnation of the classic British sportscar and provides one of the most engaging driving experiences you could wish for.


Milestone Classics are delighted to have identified another TR6 that meets the high standards of our discerning customers.



·       1974 CR Model (UK supplied)

·       Overdrive 2/3/4 gears

·       Restored to a high standard a number of years ago.

·       Fitted with a CP (150BHP) Stage 2 engine.

·       Lightened & balanced engine rebuilt 5,000 miles ago (+£4k)

·       Roller rockers

·       K&N Filters

·       Phoenix extractor manifold & s/steel exhaust

·       Bosch fuel pump

·       Oil cooler & spin-on oil filter

·       High torque starter motor

·       Magnecor leads.

·       Recent clutch, master cylinder & slave cylinder

·       Cosworth rear hubs recent bearings & seals

·       Uprated dampers

·       Hawk fast road disc pads

·       Reconditioned heater matrix

·       Reconditioned speedo/new cable

·       New Door cards


The paint finish/panel fit of the TR is excellent and under the bonnet is finished to a very high standard.


Interior – hood, carpets, seats have all been replaced & in very good condition


The large history goes back to 1991 containing evidence of continuous expenditure and improvement.  There are old MOTs, lots of invoices/lots spent, V5’s, drivers handbook etc.


Jamie and I have driven this car over 100 miles and this is one of the best sorted/best driving/best looking TR6’s that you could wish to own and enjoy - guaranteed to make you smile!    


Viewing highly recommended in order to fully appreciated this stunning example.


Jaguar XK 5.0 V8 Coupe - FSH & 12k miles from new (warranted)


The XK8 was originally launched in 1996 to replace the XJS and was available in two body styles, a two-door coupe and two door convertible.  Both variations featured 2+2 seating and benefitted from Jaguar’s newly developed 32-valve V8 engine.  The second generation debuted in 2005 at the Frankfurt Motor Show and proved an instant hit with press and public alike.


The sleek outer body of the Jaguar XK conceals high quality interiors demonstrating Jaguar’s unique flair for design.  Combined with excellent handling and superb V8 engine the car is a phenomenal driving experience and today there is no doubt that the secret is out.  Low mileage, well maintained examples are highly prized, and values are rising steadily.


At Milestones we are often asked to stock emerging classics - something that our discerning customers can buy, enjoy using and go up in value – our XK fits this description perfectly.  It is simply a car that you will park and as you walk away look over your shoulder and smile.


In April 2011 the current owner visited Stratstone Jaguar (Luton) to view their fully loaded ex-demonstrator that was 9 months old and had covered just 1,136 miles.  He was literally blown away by the car and bought it on the spot – the Liquid Silver and Charcoal Leather is a stunning combination.


Since purchase the car has been kept in an air-conditioned garage, never been driven in the rain and has a full main dealer service history.


Service History


·       16/07/11            2,162 Miles            Harwoods Limited (Chichester)

·       11/07/12            3,428 Miles            Harwoods Limited (Chichester)

·       10/07/13            5,366 Miles            Harwoods Limited (Chichester)

·       10/07/14            6,774 Miles            Harwoods Limited (Chichester)

·       09/05/15            8,041 Miles            Harwoods Limited (Chichester)

·       14/07/16            8,865 Miles            Harwoods Limited (Chichester)

·       13/07/17            9,783 Miles            Harwoods Limited (Chichester)

·       10/07/18            10,416 Miles           Harwoods Limited (Chichester)

·       11/07/19            10,840 Miles           Harwoods Limited (Chichester)

·       13/07/20            11,152 Miles           Harwoods Limited (Chichester)

·       20/07/21            11,469 Miles           Harwoods Limited (Pulborough)

·       20/07/22            11,819 Miles           Harwoods Limited (Pulborough)

·       17/07/23            12,071 Miles           Harwoods Limited (Pulborough)



·       Visually the car is outstanding with super paint work and all screen surrounds (the test of any XK) are excellent.

·       Hood functions perfectly and in excellent condition

·       Interior leather/wood veneers all superb

·       All 3 keys still with car

·       Electrics – Heated seats, steering column CD etc all work perfectly.

·       Superior specification (including spare wheel, chromed mirror/side vents/walnut veneers etc.)


A copper bottom investment, this Jaguar is the best XK that Milestones have marketed and the 5.0 litre engine gives the car phenomenal acceleration and provides the perfect motoring soundtrack - I can only describe it as like driving a flying carpet.  The XK is a genuine GT (the epitome of Grace – Pace – Space) that is equally at home on a road trip to the Dolomites, the Goodwood Festival of Speed carpark or simply a drive down to the local pub for a summer evening meal.  


We recommend early viewing in order to fully appreciate this lovely car.

PRICE: £27995

Clubman Van: Single Rear Door/Upgraded Mechs/Superb

The “Mini” is a British icon from the 1960’s with Alec Issigonis space cheating design and legendary road holding the car really did bend the rules and straighten the bends.


Milestone Classics are delighted to market an absolute one-off Mini Clubman Van that has been built to the highest standards.  We have spent a good deal of time researching the story of this Mini and, like all good stories, this one started “A long time ago in a galaxy far far away”.  Well, Weston-super-Mare in the 1980’s!


The car arrived at Milestone Classics with a folder containing the V5, some correspondence and pictures of a complete restoration + photograph of an advertisement in Classic Car Weekly some years ago.  The Clubman (then an estate) had just been liberated from long term storage in a garage workshop.


Part 1 – The Early Years

During the 1980’s a highly skilled engineer (John) worked at Wadham Street Garage in Weston-super-Mare.  He was looking for a project to make into a ‘hot’ everyday car and landed on a Mini Clubman Estate that needed some work.  The twin rear doors were removed, and a single door fabricated and the roof given a new rear ‘lip’ that works really well.


The engine was tuned, given a fast road cam/twin carbs and some other tweaks including disc brakes.  The Clubman quickly earned a reputation for being very very quick.


After a period of time something “broke” and the Clubman was put under a cover and forgotten about.


Part 2 – The Resurrection

Fast forward around 25 years and the Clubman was liberated from storage and eventually bought by John’s friend and former work colleague Phil, a skilled engineer looking for a project.


The Clubman was sandblasted and mounted on a rotisserie when the full extent of the restoration became apparent.  All corrosion was cut out, new floors, sills, wings etc fitted and also new pick-up side panels and van panels to allow the conversion to a one-off Clubman van. 


The van received a high-quality metallic grey respray, new shiny bits and sports wheels/Yokohama tyres.


The interior also received significant attention with re-worked dashboard, new seats, the rear was panelled with timber/carpet and a Lotus sports steering wheel fitted.


Part 3 – The Final Result

Today the Clubman is a real testament to the skill and knowledge of Phil the restorer and his painter.  Jamie simply describes the van as driving like a “skewered rat” – his words not mine.  I guarantee it will bring a smile to your face.


Ready to use and enjoy the Clubman is the perfect (tax deductible) advertising vehicle or simply a classic to use and enjoy – I have a 1966 Mini Van that I love.


A rare opportunity and we think one not to be missed……you will not find another.



Mercedes W123 230E – Prize Winner/ULEZ Exempt

The W123 is a range of executive cars produced by Mercedes Benz between 1975 and 1986.  The car has been cited as ‘Best Car’ in the history of What Car and many purists believe it to be the best model ever produced by the company. 


Most examples have led hard lives but in recent years values have risen significantly for the right car although finding a good, unmolested, low mileage & low ownership example takes time and patience.


Our 230E was purchased from Normand (Bromley) Ltd, the local Mercedes Dealership in March 1983 by Hills Medway Ltd and used by a senior manager as his company car.  In 1987 the car was purchased by Bill Gatfield, the third registered keeper, who would go on to own his prize winning W123 for the next 35 years. 


Always garaged and used sparingly the Mercedes is one of the best W123’s that you could wish to own and well known in The Mercedes Benz Club and by marque specialist Mark Cosovich. 


Finished in my favourite colour, Labrador Blue (Code 312) with Blue Fabric (Code 52) our 230E is, in my opinion, an object of beauty.  The paint finish is outstanding and the high specification interior excellent (including three rear seatbelts).  It is like stepping into 1986 when the car was just three years old, right down to the Becker Europa radio.


On the road the W123 does not disappoint, she drives as good as she looks.  The super smooth engine and gearbox work perfectly and there are absolutely no untoward noises or vibrations as you serenely proceed down the road.  The mileage is warranted @ 84,000 miles.


The history folder contains a service book with 28 service stamps, original factory book pack, spare factory keys in leather fobs, old MOTs/invoices etc.


The W123 range is rightly acknowledged as the high point of Mercedes production when well designed cars were built to a high standard and the management accounts were locked outside the room.


Ready for use in London (the perfect family/school run car), show field or simply to be used and enjoyed by the lucky new custodian we recommend early viewing to fully appreciate this remarkable car.



VW Karmann Beetle:LHD/1600cc Injection/Stunning!

Considered one of the single most influential cars of the 20th century, more than 21 million Volkswagen beetles were sold between 1938 & 2003. Its Autobahn-cruising reliability and "People's Car" ease of service established it as the quintessential economy car by 1950 while the quirky styling and intelligent, self-deprecating advertisements solidified its legacy as a cultural reference point.


During 1948 Wilhelm Karmann bought a VW Beetle and converted it into a four-seat convertible and after successfully presenting the car to the VW management team in Wolfsburg the Beetle Cabriolet began production in 1949.  The sills, floors, dash & door apertures were structurally reinforced while the hood was fully lined to hide the hood mechanism and the rear window was manufactured in tempered safety glass.  It remains the only conversion sanctioned by Volkswagen.


At Milestone Classics we have, as many of you know, a weakness for air-cooled VW’s and when this Karmann Beetle appeared on our radar we simply could not resist.


This late specification/fuel injected Lemon Yellow (Paint Code L11E) Beetle was originally sold by Kenden Valley VW (California) in 1979 and imported from the USA to the UK in 1992.


There is a small history including original service book with service stamps (Masterton Motors Ventura, California) including sales managers business card, FAX from VAG UK (31/1/92) confirming production dates in West Germany, sales invoice from 2014 when GMUND cars sold the Karmann, V5, MOT history back to 1992, invoices etc.   The car is only being sold by the previous owner’s son as his father can no longer drive.


Today the car is an exceptional example with corrosion free body work, excellent panel fit and outstanding paint.  The original interior and hood are all very good while the Karmann hood mechanism is easy to use.


On the road the Beetle drives as good as she looks – I drove her over 100 miles back to Wisborough Green with lots of waves & toots all the way.  The light steering, later fuel injection 1600cc engine linked to super smooth gear change makes this an utterly usable air-cooled option for modern roads. 


The Karmann draws positive comments from all quarters.  Early viewing and a test drive are strongly advised – she is guaranteed to make you smile


760GLE Estate(Auto): 1 Owner 35yrs/32 Service Stamps


The Volvo 700 series was a range of executive cars produced by the Swedish manufacturer from 1982 to 1992. The 700 series was introduced in 1982 with the luxurious 760, followed two years later by the lower priced 740 which capitalized on the prestige attained by the 760.


The model quickly gained an enviable reputation for safety and reliability – I bought my Estate two days after I collected my wife and third daughter from the maternity ward at Crawley Hospital in 1995.  I absolutely loved the sense of reliability and safety that I felt every time I stepped in and turned the key.  We covered well over 100,000 miles in the car without a single problem.


Milestones are always looking for outstanding emerging classics for our discerning customers who want something a little different.  This stunning Volvo ticks lots and lots of boxes.


Our top of the range 760 GLE pre-face lift (1987) was purchased from LEX Sheffield by Mr Parnell who went on to own his Volvo for the next 35 years.  Mr Parnell sent the car off just about every year for an annual service irrespective of mileage and maintained her regardless of cost.  She is utterly original down to factory radio, dealers’ registration plates, rear window stickers and simply drives like a 3-year-old car.


The GLE has gone through a recent re-commission that included: -


·       New Headlining (the old one was sagging)

·       Road Wheel Refurbishment

·       Bumper Refresh (elderly owner had caught fence post)

·       Minor Welding to Rear Chassis

·       New Rear Wheel Arch

·       Gas Struts to Rear Tailgate

·       Brakes Stripped/Cleaned


I drove the car over 250 miles back to our unit in Wisborough Green and the 2.8 V6 engine performed without fault cruising along the M1 at a steady 80mph and the level of comfort (this was the top of the range Volvo in 1987) is the equal of many moderns.


Lots of classic car enthusiasts mix “business with pleasure” and owning a top specification model like the GLE with zero depreciation, no expensive electronics to go wrong and easy mechanicals that can be maintained by any garage/at home makes a lot of sense.  Interestingly we sold our last 740 to a TV chief as a camping/fishing/boys wagon.


We recommend early viewing in order to fully appreciate this stunning car – we love her.


MGB Mk1: Heritage Shell/Nut & Bolt Restoration

The original MGB Roadster is one of the most recognisable British sports cars ever manufactured.  It brought affordable fun to a whole generation when launched in 1962 and over the next 18 years more than 500,000 cars were sold all over the world. 


The ‘B’ enjoyed significant success both on the track & rallying.  MG marketed the roadster as a sports car that could be driven to work and used for competition and fun during the weekend – sounds just about perfect.


Milestone Classics have recently been approached to assist a retired coachbuilder to reduce his collection of remarkable cars.  Each car has gone through his workshop and been the subject of a no-expense-spared personal restoration that has taken hundreds of hours and cost thousands of pounds.


The final objective for each project was to produce a car as good as, if not better, than new.  The result in this instance is one of the best MGB Roadsters that we have ever brought to market that is available at a fraction of the build cost.


This remarkable 1965 MGB Roadster Mk1 appeared on Mark’s radar around five years ago.  The owner had purchased a Heritage shell along with all the panels 30 years earlier with intention of using his rusty MGB as a donor vehicle.  The project stalled and languished in his garage for many years.


Summary of Project


·       Heritage Shell & Panels – Blasted/Primed - Zero Corrosion

·       Transmission Tunnel – Period Correct 3 Synchro Tunnel Fitted

·       All mechanical components checked and replaced as necessary.

·       Engine, Gearbox (Overdrive/4 Synchro) and Back Axle Rebuilt

·       All Hydraulic Components Replaced

·       Clutch Replaced

·       Brakes/Suspension Rebuilt

·       Radiator/Water Pump Replaced

·       Ignition – Distributor/Coil/Plugs/Leads - Replaced

·       Alternator Conversion/New Loom/Switchgear

·       Carbs Rebuilt

·       Interior – Seats/Carpets/Dashboard – Replaced

·       Hood – Replaced

·       Windscreen/Windscreen Frame Replaced

·       All Chrome - Replaced

·       Paint – Stunning Iris Blue & Superb


The only areas of the ‘B’ that are non-original specification are the alternator and the 4 synchromesh gear box that necessitated a modification to the transmission tunnel.


I drove the car back from Chertsey and she sat on the M25 (Junction 10) for 30 minutes with no issues, suspension/brakes etc all excellent and all controls functioned faultlessly.


If you are looking for a very special Mk1 MGB Roadster in one of the best colour/Interior combinations that looks/drives like a one-year-old car and is available at a fraction of the restoration cost then this is the classic for you.  


Ready to use and enjoy, we recommend an early viewing and test drive in order to fully appreciate the quality of this car.

PRICE: £24995


MGB GT: Overdrive/Chrome Wires/Webasto Roof


The MGB GT, designed by Pininfarina, was introduced in October 1965, and can claim to be one of the earliest sports hatchbacks to go into volume production.  The rear deck offers excellent luggage space with a 2+2 option and improved aerodynamics gives the GT a top speed in excess of 100mph. 


We are always on the lookout for nice MGB GT’s and were therefore delighted when the owner of this lovely, locally owned example asked us to part-exchange his cherished GT for another Milestones classic.


The BGT presents extremely well and ticks just about all the boxes.  The red paint work is lovely and the period vinyl roof/folding Webasto with chrome wires presents well and makes for a very desirable combination.


Mechanically the car drives very as you would expect and has recently benefited from a starter-motor, ignition overhaul, brake overhaul and has always been regularly serviced.


The interior does not disappoint.  Over recent years the super fastidious owner has fitted new black leather seat covers with red piping, carpets, roof-lining and Motolita steering wheel – it is a lovely place to be.


The GT appears to have spent most of her life in Sussex and Hampshire – she was supplied new to Wadham Stringer Limited, Southampton on 5th April 1972.  There is a large history file going back to 1990 containing Heritage Certificate, old MOT’s, lots of invoices, photographs of the car etc.


Ready for a road trip on the North Coast 500 with soft bags and partner, displayed at the local classic car show or simply a drive down to the local pub, this stunning classic is ready to use and enjoyed by her next custodian.

PRICE: £12995


Ultimate MGB: Jacques Coune Homage - Superb!

There are always What’s, If’s & But’s in the story of any car and the Jacques Coune “Berlinette” is arguably the big ‘If’ for the MGB.  


Widely regarded as the prettiest incarnation of the ubiquitous MGB and an extremely rare sight with just 55 examples (only one RHD) being manufactured by the Belgium Carrosserie this is a car that Milestones are absolutely delighted to bring to market.


Jacques Coune's objective was to design an MG based luxury grand tourer and the extensive modified prototype was exhibited at the 1964 Brussels Motor Show.  The cut off tail and small rear spoiler were styling features stolen directly from the Ferrari 375GTB and the re-worked front wings/headlamps completed a very sharp looking GT that was well received by the motoring press.


MG had provided a basic roadster off the Abingdon production line to Coune for the original project and after the Brussels debut the car went back to MG for evaluation by the senior management team.   They decided not to pursue the project although, not surprisingly, one of the executives retained the car for his personal use for a good number of years,


Milestone Classics have recently been approached to assist a retired coachbuilder to reduce his collection of remarkable cars.  Each car has gone through his workshop and been the subject of a no-expense-spared personal restoration that has taken hundreds of hours and cost thousands of pounds.


A number of years ago a Jacques Coune MG arrived at Marc’s workshop for remedial repairs.  Marc was blown away by the beauty of the coupe and took mouldings of the rear fiberglass panels from the original car in order that he could recreate an identical example (but better) for his own use.


Over the following three years Mark painstakingly created a replica of the Jacques Coune car.  The level of craftsmanship is astonishing and the result is an absolute credit to his knowledge, skill and financial commitment to produce only the best.


Summary of Project

·       Original Pull-Handle Roadster Shell Sourced

·       Stripped/Blasted/Primed.  Panels Replaced/Fiberglass Panels Produced  

·       All mechanical components checked and replaced as necessary.

·       Engine, Gearbox (Overdrive) and Back Axle Rebuilt (Gearbox 4 synchro)

·       All Hydraulic Components Replaced

·       Clutch Replaced

·       Brakes/Suspension Rebuilt

·       Radiator/Water Pump Replaced

·       Ignition – Distributor/Coil/Plugs/Leads - Replaced

·       Alternator Conversion/New Loom/Switchgear

·       Carbs Rebuilt

·       Custom Coune Interior – Leather Seats/Carpets/Dashboard/Roof Lining

·       Windscreen Replaced & Custom Rear Window/Quarter Lights

·       All Chrome - Replaced

·       Paint – Stunning BMW Graphite Grey

·       Since completion the car has formed part of a private collection and been used sparingly.


Only 12 examples of the Coune Berlinette are known to exist and only one RHD example – the development model - was ever produced. 


At Milestones we sadly still get very excited by the cars we market and the Berlinette has really captured our imagination.  She is an utterly stunning car that is perfect for a road trip to Italy, Goodwood, any MG event or simply to look at and appreciate Jacques Courne’s dream.


An opportunity not to be missed

PRICE: £54995


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