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Review from Rob.

My experience of buying a classic car with Milestone Classsic’s could not have been any better. They are professional and friendly and have really gone out of their way to accommodate me. I have owned a few classic cars in the past but this is my first classic car purchase using a dealer. Having a humble budget, I had always assumed a dealer was not the best route for me but being able to speak to their mechanic and have an independent inspection was a bonus I had not considered. It really gives you peace of mind with the older vehicles even when they are in such superb condition.

I would highly recommend Milestone Classics to anyone and I would not hesitate to use them again in the future, in fact I hope I do. They really have a good eye for sourcing the finest quality cars, but what most impressed me was their enthusiasm and their genuine passion for classic vehicles. I just wish I had the funds to buy more of their stunning cars in their collection.

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